Opening ceremony for Biogas Tempon


Inauguration of the facilities of the Biogas Production and Biogas Production Station “Biogerios Tempi” took place yesterday, in the area of ​​Elia of Gonni, in the presence of important guests from the political, investment and business world.

In this unit the biogas will be converted by an internal combustion generator into electric and thermal energy. Electricity will be fed directly to the National Electricity Transmission Network and part of the thermal energy generated will cover the unit’s operating needs. In addition, the solid and liquid residue from the anaerobic digestion process will be available as organic fertilizer at the farms in the surrounding area.

Its corporate format is Mr. Yiannis Ast. Cantonia, Georgios Kon. Nicholas and Dim. G. Kotorogiannis, while part of the investment was financed by Piraeus Bank.

The inauguration ribbon was cut by the president of Piraeus Bank, Mr. George Hatzinikolaou, who mentioned the importance of the investment, emphasizing that the bank he is leading is very happy to finance new investments when behind them are investment vehicles with the dynamics Cantonese family, who have been very successful in many areas of economic activity.

On behalf of “Biogas Tempi” Mr. Yannis Kantonias thanked the guests for their presence at the opening ceremony while Mrs. Eleni Bairamis, on behalf of Eco Hellas, a subsidiary of Eco Germany who built the project, referred to its technical characteristics .

The “Biogas Tempi” produces 500 kw of electricity from animal waste, dairy waste and olive-goat. Its annual processing capacity is 31,000,000kg, addressing the big problem of polluting waste. Its aim is to implement another 3 standard units in the prefecture of Larissa in the next two years. The project was built by Eco Hellas, a subsidiary of Eco Germany, based in Pylaia, Thessaloniki.

The event was honored with their presence: ND Adonis Georgiades, the Regional Governor of Thessaly Mr. Kostas Agorastos, the President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Christos Michalos, the Mayor of Larissa Mr. Apostolos Kalogiannis, the Mayor of Tempi Mr. Kon. Collatos, General Regional Police Director of Thessaly, Mr. Ioannis Tolias, Deputy Governor of Security, Police Officer Mr. Christos Kalousios, Commander of Fire Department of Thessaly, Mr. Kon. Skoupras, the fire brigade commander of Larissa Mr. Zissis Bruzas, the Director of the Management of the Greek Electricity Distribution Network of the Region of Sterea Ellada Vasilios Avarkiotis, the Deputy Mayor of Tempi Mr. Stelios Saitis, the Honorary Chief of the Hellenic Air Force General, Mr. Frangoulis Frangos, the Deputy Regional Governor Mr. George Ladopoulos, the ALPHA Vice Chairman, Mr. Antonis Schroeder, the Executive Director of the journalism organization “Eleftheria”, Mr. Georgios Michalopoulos, residents of the wider region and professionals.

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