Connection to the Electrical Grid & Inauguration of production process

A far-reaching addition has been made to the portfolio of green-energy projects of AEGEANTERRA. The state-of-the-art Biogas plant of the group "BIOGAS PREVEZA 1" was successfully connected to the electricity distribution network and has already reached the maximum production capacity (1MW / hour). This is one of the most prominent investments in the region of Epirus, amounting to 4.8 million euros, and having offered close to 50 work placements during the construction period and 10 during the operating period.
The biomass digesters along with the cogeneration machine that comprise the key components of the station’s production equipment, are present-day technological tools within the biogas field and result in great levels of net efficiency.
The Engineer of the group, Mr. Panayiotis Tsapas, stated in this regard: "The completion and launch of the largest and most efficient energy project of the group, is an important milestone for AEGEANTERRA. We are very proud as we are now, close to completing a significant investment without deviating from our original plan."
The completion of the investment supports the company's commitment to minimize the environmental footprint of animal by-products and waste in the wider region of Epirus while at the same time contributing greatly to the effort of de-lignifying the country and the popularizing the usage of Renewable Energy Sources.