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AEGEAN TERRA LTD is a Hellenic- Cypriot company which started constructions back in 2005 in Greece. The primary activity of the company was the construction of real estates, with the emphasis on urban and vacation homes.

On 2010, various companies agreed on a merged corporation and the group of companies AEGEAN TERRA was established, which since then it has a long- term activity in the field of renewable energy sources.

Concretely, the partnership is already participating with a percentage of 44% in the company ΒΙΟΑΕΡΙΟ ΤΕΜΠΩΝ ΙΚΕ which operates a biogas power plant in Tempi, Greece. The unit started its operation on July 2018 with satisfactory results and currently, an increase to 1MW is scheduled.

Other than this unit, the company is developing three more units; one in Preveza(1ΜW), Greece, and two in Elassona (1ΜW), Greece. In Preveza, the project is currently in the stage of licensing and planning and it is expected to receive funding. The projects in Elassona, are on the final licensing stage and the planning has already started.

Apart from the biogas sector, Aegean Terra is participating as the main shareholder and administrator in the projects of total power 4,9 MW at Ηλείας, Αιτωλοακαρνανίας, Πρέβεζας και Λάρισας.

In the sector of wind power, the company owns four production licences of total power 11,7ΜW. The unit at Νομό Βοιωτίας is expecting to be licensed.

Concurrently, the field of hybrids, the company is developing projects of 5.76MW.




  1. Photovoltaic stations

In 2010, AEGEAN TERRA LTD deputed in the field of renewable sources of energy and with various partnerships they constructed photovoltaic stations at Νομούς Ηλείας, Αιτωλοακαρνανίας, Πρέβεζας και Λάρισας of total power 4,9MW.

  1. Biogas units

  2. Wind power units

  3. hybrids



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